We're excited to welcome Karen Mendenhall, another experienced massage therapist, to our team. See her bio below for more details.
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We're currently looking for a part-time massage therapist to join our team. Key qualities we're seeking - client-focused, dependable, driven, organized and collaborative. If this seems like a good fit for you or someone you know, send a resume to Rachel,

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30-minute Customized Massage $45
45-minute Customized Massage $55
60-minute Customized Massage $65
60-minute Deep Customized Massage $70
60-minute Prenatal Side-Lying Massage $70
90-minute Customized Massage $90
90-minute Deep Customized Massage $95
120-minute Customized Massage $130
120-minute Deep Customized Massage $135
5 pack of 30-minute Customized Massage $205
5 pack of 60-minute Customized Massage $300
5 pack of 60-minute Deep Customized Massage $325
30-minute Foot Reflexology Massage $37
30-minute Customized Massage & 30 minute Foot Reflexology $70
Fire Cupping and Silicone Cupping Add-On $5
Ginger Oil or Coconut Oil Add-On $5
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Massage Therapists

Rachel (Mielke) Miller
Licensed Massage Therapist
(State license #1270-146)

I obtained my massage therapy education from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1999 and became a Certified Contemporary Cupping Therapist through the ICTA in 2018. I have been practicing as a licensed massage therapist in Wisconsin my entire career with a commitment to serving, caring for, and healing human beings through touch.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed many transformations in the quality of life of my clients who have overcome pain, tension, stress, headaches, body aches, and especially shoulder and neck pain through massage therapy treatments. I work with my clients to tailor their massage session whether it be to target specific pain points or to pamper them.

My goal is to provide you with a massage experience where you can Be. relaxed, Be. rejuvenated and Be. restored, so that you can embrace your life and Be. you!


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Jenna Scholz
Licensed Massage Therapist
(State License #13879-146)

I received my Associate's degree in Applied Sciences Massage Therapy in 2016 and am also a Certified Contemporary Cupping Therapist through the ICTA. Massage therapy has inspired me, and I am passionate about its therapeutic benefits for both physical and mental well-being. Through my customized sessions I help clients find relief for their specific concerns, whether they come to me for deep-tissue specific therapy or just to relax and unwind. Many of my clients enjoy my specific techniques for releasing neck and shoulder tension, sciatic pain, and scar tissue restrictions. I use a variety of forms of massage and modify my treatments for my clients and their individual needs.

Cupping therapy is an extremely effective way to release restricted tissue, by gently pulling it away from underlying structures. By moving and gliding the cups along the body tissue, I can release scar tissue, fascial adhesions, and nerve impingements. Cupping aids the body's pumping mechanisms for filtering debris and eliminates stagnation from congested areas.

Each client is unique and presents with a new puzzle, and I enjoy helping put the pieces together to make them feel whole. I am excited to continue to learn and help others experience the benefits of therapeutic touch through my massage treatments.


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Sarah Schneider
Licensed Massage Therapist
(State License #12555-146)

I'm an experienced Massage Therapist, specialized in relaxation and chronic migraine relief. With a firm but gentle touch, I apply a balanced approach of both deep tissue work and gentle facial release.

My credentials include a degree from Globe University-Wausau and National Certification in Therapeutic Massage from NCTMB. My continuing education has been focused on Craniosacral Therapy, a noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum and involves a light holding of the skull and sacrum with barely detectable movements. This is difficult to perceive yet simple technique is a power-packed way of enhancing and elevating the physiological function of the central nervous system, relieving various medical issues.

Come experience the fluid motion, nurturing touch and symmetry that an individualized massage with me provides.


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  Karen Mendenhall
Licensed Massage Therapist
(State License #14763-146)

I completed the massage therapy program at Miller-Motte in 2013. After graduating, I practiced in Tennessee for just over three years before moving to Wisconsin. Throughout my career I have been focused on providing each client with an individualized, wholistic approach to health and wellness through customized massage tailored to each persons specific needs using various techniques.

So far, the continuing education courses I have taken part in have been focused around usui reiki as well as mindfulness and meditation. I love being able to utilize these tools within my massage practice. I have found this approach to be very effective for releasing stress and tension, as well as for relaxation.

Massage therapy has opened up a wonderful world of natural healing for myself as well as my clients. It truly has the power to transform and enrich lives for the better. I look forward to growing and evolving with each and every client.


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2220 Sherman Street
Wausau, WI 54401
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